Island Awesomeness


Island Awesomeness Adventure

Ready to cruise the beautiful Andaman sea, drink some beers, see some stunning caves, go to our “secret swimming spot”, go snorkeling and be surrounded by tropical fish. If so this tour is for you!


Whats Included

  • Lunch
  • 1 Beer
  • Drinking Water
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Life Jackets
  • National Park fees (do not be fooled by other operators that sell you cheap tour packages there is a mandatory 400b park fee)
  • Awesome People
  • Great Memories
  • Killer Guide

Full Itinerary

First Stop

Railay Phranang Beach

We will pick you up at your hostel/hotel around 12:00 and head to Ao nang beach to catch our boat. After that we will be off to world famous Railay beach where we will explore some epic caves, go trekking through some insane ravens, and check out our legendary Secret Swimming spot (very few locals even know about this place) after which we will shotgun some beers and enjoy lunch and hanging out on the beach.

Second Stop

Chicken Island

Next we are off to Chicken Island to see the iconic Chicken Head that is naturally carved into the rocks. After which we will jump in the water and some snorkeling surrounded by thousands of tropical fish and over some stunning coral reefs.

Third Stop

Chicken Island

That was some hard work, time to kick back a few beers. Next, we will head to Poda island where we will teach you the fine art floating in the ocean with your life jacket stools, while surrounded by the breathtaking cliffs of Poda Island and listening to some great tunes pumping from our boat.

Final Stop

Tonsai Beach

Last, but not least we will head for Tonsai beach, which is the local hippy stronghold. We’ll play some games together on the beach enjoy the views and then end our visit to Tonsai by climbing up a 20-meter ladder to check out the insane views as the sun begins to set.
We will begin to head back just before sunset so we can get some amazing facebook and instagram pictures of the sunset from the boat.


750฿ Per Person